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18 countries

are we conducting customer surveys in.

Over 1000000

customer surveys every year

76,5 in NPS

is the rating our customers give us.

3.2 billion

was the revenue generated by our group in 2021


How it all started

Back in 2013, the initial focus was to solve challenges with cost-savings for the customer service outsourcing industry. The unique concept of transforming key performance indicators to valuable insights generated millions in savings, which in 2017 led to an expansion of the platform to other in-house services and outsourcing companies, and the company Indicate me was founded.

Despite our in-depth understanding of operational processes in the contact center, it was evident that the increase in performance wouldn’t be generated by statistics, but by the professionals providing the service. With this in mind, we created a platform that would boost agent engagement and performance on a day-to-day basis. The functions of automatic agent recognition of great customer experiences, one-on-one coaching with team leaders, rewards and gamification, was loved by our users from day one and the increase in customer service performance became apparent.

This is Indicate me

Indicate me is an all-in-one solution that helps you improve operational results and increase the quality of your customer service. Indicate me provides a full view of customer service performance though a user-friendly dashboard.


Indicate me is owned by the Pulsen Group through their investment company BRAW Invest. The Pulsen Group is a family-owned conglomerate founded in 1964 with roots in the IT industry. The group consists of independent and innovative companies that work proactively and curiously. In 2021, the group had a turnover of 3.2 billion.

We conduct customer surveys in 18 countries

Our story

  • 2015

    The tool is being developed

    The tool from Indicate me is starting to be built.

  • 2016

    Beta version released

    Beta version with the modules Quality, Efficiency, Log, List and Analysis has been launched for one of Sweden’s largest outsourcing companies in customer service.


  • 2017

    Own company and expanded functionality in the tool

    Indicate me forms and launches the module Value with gamification.

  • 2018

    Customer surveys in the Nordics and new functionality

    Indicate me is expanding and starting customer surveys in the Nordics. In 2018, coach functionality for digital coaching and co-listening/reading will also be launched.


  • 2021

    Doubled customer portfolio and new ownership structure

    Many of Sweden’s most well-known brands choose Indicate me as their supplier. Between 2018-2021, the customer portfolio doubled every year. In 2021, the ownership structure also changed to be owned 90% by Braw Invest AB, a wholly-owned company within the Pulsen Group.

  • 2022

    Customer surveys in 18 countries in Europe

    Indicate me expands to conduct surveys in 18 countries in Europe. We achieve a turnover of SEK 17.3 million with good profitability.



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This is what some of our customers say

In 10 minutes, I know exactly and get a complete picture of yesterday. Without Indicate me, the same analysis would have taken me 3 hours.

It’s ABSOLUTELY wonderful to see comments from customers and reflect on how I can become even better!

The self-leadership of our agents has increased since we introduced Indicate me, which in turn has led to increased efficiency and understanding of our goals.

We believe in democratizing insights

Since our inception, we have lived and believed in the power of customer service as the most important source of understanding what our customers’ customers think and feel about them. With these insights within daily reach, there are endless opportunities to work customer-centric for higher customer satisfaction and profitability.

Everyone likes that.

The secret is our attitude towards the information within the company and how it traditionally flowed from the top-down and communicated down to the organization. It creates silos and bottlenecks.

But that is not how we operate.

The Indicate me method ensures that information is free and available to everyone, and initiatives for improvements can come from anywhere within the organization. Gone are the old hierarchical flows where a few held all the data. Instead, we have activated the entire organization’s creativity.

We call it democratizing insights.

Inspiring visualization = Faster decisions

Indicate me doesn’t only focus on relevant insights, but also on visualizing them in a user-friendly way so that everyone in the organization understands their meaning. As a result, the conclusions are continuously absorbed by the organization, which becomes efficient, clear, and able to focus on the overarching goals.


Indicate me meets NetOnNet

How did the implementation of Indicate me work?

Lina Bjelkmar, CEO of Indicate me, meets Jennifer Ala-Katara, Customer Service Manager at NetOnNet, who explains how the implementation of Indicate me went and how the tool helps them in their daily work.

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